More P-I headlines, 2009-08

My work as highlighted (and commented upon) in an in-house file of snappy headlines:

01-01-09 The old drinks are here with him in spirits A9 – (This is great – bartender who specializes in in the drinks of long-ago times.)

01-05-09 Israel carves deeper into Gaza // Rising civilian toll fuels international outcry A1 –

01-08-09 Is she wearing your dress to the big event? A2 – (on inauguration story about online dress registry)

01-09-09 Finally, a brake in the case of wife’s mysteriously stopping car D1 – (on Car Talk column about vehicle whose brakes apply themselves)

01-12-09 Stark December could shutter 73,000 businesses in first half of this year// Death knell has sounded for many retail stores B6 – (good juxtaposition of "Death knell" with big photo of store owner posing with a skeleton model)

01-14-09 Sited for soaring eyes A10 – (overline for CLO showing a crew installing a model of SpaceShipOne at the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field)

01-16-09 Ring cycle: Fallen trees reused C6 – (it’s not often you can work a Wagnerian reference into a Small Business Scene head)

01-16-09 Beer sales fall in sober economy C9

01-17-09 In 24 years, no one’s dogged out on a bill // He has a $575 pet peeve// Tracker was hired to find missing cat A6

12-03-08 ‘Impeach Bush’ ornament axed from executive branch A1

12-17-08 (Foodista’s kitchen has room for a world of chefs) Couple stirs the pot with collaborative cooking site A1

12-18-08 Every dog has its say, pet owners believe // Poll: People can talk to the animals

12-20-08 ‘Start praying now’// Students screamed as bus crashed through I-5 barrier // Snow, ice, high winds, blizzard warning in forecast /// Stock up and hunker down for next big one A1 (Very nice set of headlines on this story {{part of collaboration}} to provide a great front page.)

11-15-08 (“I caught him cuddling a woman on a sofa in the game.” – Amy Tayor, who filed for divorce when she discovered her husband cheating in “Second Life.” Online snuggle isn’t real; divorce is A7

11-27-08 A louse-y job, but someone’s gotta do it B1 – (A “lice technician” goes to homes to rid kids of bugs.)

11-28-08 Time again to pack up, ship out // Group assembles gift boxes for troops B1

10-10-08 WHERE’S THE BOTTOM? Dow dives 679 in shocking late sell-off A1

10-13-08 Give it up for the Cougs; they sure do D3 – (WSU giving up 45.1 points a game on average!)

10-29-08 (Small business’ support of Obama isn’t always a bed of roses) Flower shop owner says she picked best of the bunch B1

10-30-08 This story of mental illness – and recovery – is still being told A1

09-05-08 Fremont Tugboat Co. has been holding the course for 93 years B1

09-05-08 Here’s the Thing: Short-lived VW car is a rolling death trap F1 – (Car Talk guys discuss the Thing, the not-at-all-safe Volkswagen car that made a brief appearance on U.S. roads.)

09-13-08 Some ride out the storm on ritual, stupidity// Stubborn can’t be forced to leave A8

09-18-08 State has hidden eye on those who zip through work zones// Camera will bring speeders $137 fine A1 – (A different kind of approach that made for a very effective news hed.)

09-20-08 Street art, legally parked// Grass covers concrete in a day to relish a green city A1

09-22-08 Pulling for a cure A1 – (overline on clo of a team in the Row for the Cure regatta)

09-22-08 (How U.S. brought these cookies into the fold is somewhat of a mystery) It’s a message of fame & fortunes E1 – (story about local fortune cookie company)

09-26-08 Testing the lay of the landing B2 – (Good overline on clo of first commercial plane to touch down during tests at new third runway at Sea-Tac.)

08-07-08 Mail carrier kilting at windmills B8 - (I just love this headline! Post office worker is trying to rally union to get approval for kilts.)

08-18-08 Come hills or high water B1 - (clo of participants before start of Danskin Women’s Triathlon.)

JULY 2008
07-07-08 Coupons again prove their redeeming value// Every cent counts in a sour economy E2

07-09-08 Don't bet the house to pay for education D1

07-12-08 A few bumps -- but never a grind// Vegas stripper, 80, has lived it all and still vows class act A6 (This is just a fantastic headline!)

JUNE 2008
06-05-08 Discoveries tide them over B1 -- (overline on clo of dad and daughter making their annual trek to the beaches on the lowest tide of the year.)

06-06-08 When to shift an automatic? Answer's all downhill from gear G1 -- (Nice!)

06-07-08 Seattle's demure sibling is growing up -- and up// But rapid development troubles some in Bellevue A1

06-19-08 Candidate withdraws, then changes mind, then ... well, just read on// Fax machine faulty; opponent is upset B2

06-25-08 No last meal as demolition bites into Ballard Denny's B2

06-26-08 What's new for Gates? Anything he can dream up A1 -- (Nice hed on last of the series about Gates stepping down at Microsoft. And nice job of editing that package.)

06-26-08 Film lab shuttered as focus shifts to digital// Ivey Photo making its parting shot// Workers' futures uncertain E1 -- (The Business editor got a hoot out of this one.)

MAY 2008
05-10-08 After agonizing separation, mom decided to choose her child over drugs// Keeping her head above water B1 -- (main head under photo of mom and daughter in swimming pool)

05-16-08 (Drama students team with the Rep to put on musical) Everyone is in on the act// High schoolers get a say in all aspects of the production B1

05-19-08 Cross that bridge? They did get there B1 -- (Overline on clo of Beat the Bridge race!)

05-22-08 'Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Obsessed fan' A1 -- (Outstanding!)

05-31-08 (One-time Kingdome ice cream vendor now homeless, but ... Ball may put him back in the game// Owner of souvenir from Griffey Jr.'s '91 grand slam hopes it hauls in $50,000 A1 -- {{collaboration}}

APRIL 2008
04-11-08 Coffee wars running at full steam ahead// McDonald's free latte promo joins new Starbucks pitch E1

04-14-08 Fans visit memory lane as Sunset Bowl closes// Sale to developer adds 51 years of stories to Seattle history books A1

04-25-08 Cost forces new fire stations to let the poles slide// Many firefighters question decision B1

04-28-08 A boat for $2.5 million? You might want to sleep on it// Tom Hanks' movie home for sale B1